Training Classes

Wanting to be properly trained in screen printing? Come to our affordable 2 day training program. McBee Supply has designed a class to help any start-up business, even if you’ve been in it for a couple of years but were never given ‘hands on” training. This class will help you eliminate all those spent dollars and time with your own trial and error method. The class will not only cover all the fundamentals of screen printing but also will get you ready for more advanced printing as well.

Our program will cover training in:

• Concept and procedures of T-shirt printing.
• Screen making, how to coat a screen and finding the proper exposure time.
• Press set-up and registration tips.
• Proper squeegee stroke techniques and production tips and tricks.
• Troubleshooting many of the problems that will occur when you get your own business started.
• Printing white ink on dark shirts, Print/Flash/Print and how to properly cure ink.
• Printing techniques on Koozies, Numbers, Caps and your own transfers!!
• Best of all, screen cleaning and reclaiming! You won’t get any ink on you, yeah right!!

Classes are small so don’t delay, Call now to secure your spot!! Hotels are available around the corner.

Nothing from January 1, 2021 to March 1, 2021.

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