Workhorse Freedom Series Automatic Press


The Freedom Express is hands down the best entry level automatic screen printing press on the market and the greatest value for anyone entering the world of automatic printing.

Price show is base price – additional colors/stations extra

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Touch Screen Control Center

  • Intuitive, easy to learn and understand control panel
  • Multiple Language Settings
  • Real time production speedometer
  • Centrally controlled flash and dwell timers
  • Workhorse OS Portal (Wi-Fi) Connectivity

Foot Pedal Control

  • Comes standard on every press
  • Allows the press operator to index the machine using a foot pedal
  • Use a skip shirt feature to avoid printing empty pallets


  • Pneumatic driven printheads
  • Flashback and Plug N Go Flash Capabilities
  • Independent speed controls for print and flood on every head

Screen Clamps & Holders

  • Adjustable front and rear clamps to accommodate different screen sizes
  • Uses a full length clamping bar instead of cylinder feet
  • Pneumatically powered for fast loading and a powerful hold

Squeegee / Floodbar

  • Uses industry standard squeegees, floodbars and locking system
  • Complete assemble and all adjustments are tool free
  • Pneumatic pressure, speed and angle adjustments are all independently set
  • Front and rear carriage stop positions

Pallet System

  • Quick release pallet lock / unlock
  • Three point leveling system


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