Specialty Materials™ ThermoFlex® Plus Heat Transfer Vinyl

ThermoFlex Plus is a popular heat transfer vinyl from Specialty Materials.  ThermoFlex Plus is offered in rolls and sheets with the largest color selection on the market.  ThermoFlex Plus offers a matte finish that cuts easily with any vinyl or craft cutter available today.


ThermoFlex® Plus is a durable material that is highly flexible. It has a soft hand and strong grip. If applied properly, it will outlast the life of the garment!

Compare the ease of weeding and applying ThermoFlex® Plus with competitive products and you’ll discover why so many professionals ask for it by name.

ThermoFlex® Plus is available in a huge range of colors- over 100! Plus comes in 71 colors with a matte finish, 8 metallic, 6 neon, 18 metal flake, and 4 glossy to create whatever your heart desires!


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