Spot Remover Fluid & Aerosols      
ZIM-PIC Special
Plastisol Remover Thermo Letter Remover
Makes on difference if your "OOPS" have been there 6 minutes or 6 months, Zim Pic Special will get them out! Cured plastisol is easily removed, leaving no residue or stain on the garment. Not for use on jackets. It's a breeze to remove thermo or flocked numbers or letters with Zim's Thermo Letter/Number Remover. When applied to the back side of any letter or number, the adhesive simply loosens and it peels right off. It's That Easy!
Spray Adhesive
A web spray adhesive designed expressly for screen print use.
Tackit© holds fabric securely in place for printing. Won't transfer to fabric.
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