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White Inks
Bright Cotton White is Union’s newest white ink. Its versatility makes it a natural choice for a wide variety of printing applications. Bright Cotton White provides excellent opacity, a pure white appearance and a smooth surface to print over. It flash cures quickly with no after-flash tack when used as an underbase for dark garments. Diamond White, Union’s premium, high-opacity low-bleed white makes printing 50/50 fabrics a breeze. Diamond White is formulated to be an extremely bright white exhibiting high opacity, easy printability and excellent bleed resistance. It retains its creamy viscosity during storage. Whether its an underbase, stand-alone, highlight or low-bleed white you need, try us and see why our white inks rank high on every printers list as some of the best in the industry. Click here to download the helpful article: Choosing the Correct Union White

PLHT-1070 Diamond White
    Athletic Inks
When major uniform manufacturers need an ink that will last as long as their garments they look to athletic inks from Union Ink Company. Union’s Athletic Gloss Series for nylon provides athletic uniforms the durability necessary to survive many seasons of bone-jarring tackling or blocking. Uniforms printed with the Athletic Gloss Series are worn by many professional and collegiate teams and are available in over 25 standard colors as well as 14 sporting goods colors. Printing on 100% polyester athletic uniforms has always been a nightmare because of bleeding fabrics. Now Union’s new Polyester Series for 100% polyester uniforms helps even the playing field by providing extreme bleed-resistance, maximum coverage, easy printability and its available in 10 athletic colors. So, to make the team look as good as they play, order Unions athletic printing inks today!
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PATH Athetic Series
    Color Mixing Systems
If you are tired of wasting time trying to mix inks by the seat of your pants, Union has a color mixing system to satisfy every need. For the brightest colors and most accurate matching, try Unimatch. Unimatch will print at high speeds with no build-up on automatic presses to give you maximum productivity. The opacity of Unimatch makes it perfect for printing simulated process separations incorporating a white underbase. The result is a bright soft-hand print on dark garments. Need the ultimate in opacity? Try Mixopake, the first mixing system in the industry opaque enough to be licensed by PANTONE® to simulate colors on dark garments with no underbase. With all Union mixing systems, the Unimix software comes free of charge and provides formulations, usage and cost calculations, and a re-cycling function to maximize your productivity.
MIXO Mixing System
    Process Inks 
Printers already using Union’s Tru-Tone four color process inks are setting the standards for high quality process printing. Dot gain, an enemy to high quality process printing, is minimized when printers use Union’s Tru-Tone four color process inks. When printed, most process inks tend to spread, reducing color intensity. Tru-Tone’s unique chemistry causes each dot to reach its resting viscosity quickly, minimizing dot gain, increasing color intensity and image sharpness. In order to help you achieve the high quality process prints expected by our customers. Custom software in both Mac and PC formats has just recently been updated and is available at no charge to help you or your separator in outputting separations. Tru-Tone is also available in triple strength formulas and a Hot Magenta and Cool Magenta for improved color intensity. So, quit monkeying around with just any process ink and start using Tru-Tone today! Click here to download the helpful article: How To Print Four Color Process
PRPL True Tone Process
    Special Effects 
By incorporating Union’s special effects inks into your customer’s existing designs, you can create a refreshing new look without the expense of generating completely new artwork. Union offers a wide array of special effects inks including, Suede, Photochromic, Glow-In-The-Dark, Shimmer, High Density, Blacklight Clear, Foil Adhesives, and Glitter just to name a few. Prints that are utilizing special effects inks are hot and Union is awaiting your call with a lineup that will make your prints stand out from the competition.
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For a look that really gets attention, check out our Holographic Glitter line.

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    Transfer Systems 
How about a transfer system that gives you the capability to print transfers for both light and dark colored garments Mixotrans allows you to print high-opacity, soft hand transfers on any color garment without sacrificing color or brightness. Mixotrans provides easy printability, excellent opacity, a soft hand, and bright, vibrant colors. And, if you are transferring onto light garments, the Mixotrans System offers an extender base where up to three parts base to every part ink These features, combined with the convenience of a user-friendly mixing system, make Mixotrans the right choice for both hot-split and cold peel transfers. A range of 11 standard and seven neon colors are also available in addition to the 12 mixing colors.
MITR Mixotrans Transfer Ink
Union Barrier Clear
Print Barrier Clear as an underbase, flash and print your low-bleed color on top, or, print as a last-down clear on your transfers. Barrier Clear, in both laboratory and field testing has shown to drastically reduce and eliminate dye migration on troublesome 100% polyester fabrics. Call McBee Supply or Union Ink today for more details!
Download the Barrier Clear Technical Data Sheet
Union Barrier Clear                      

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