063 C-60 Solvent Cleaner & Degreaser

• Removes oil and grease stains, ink, and fresh paints easily.

• Non-flammable; safe to use while running machines without disrupting production.

• Very effective for cleaning oily and greasy parts while servicing and repairing screen printing equipment.


066 Premium Mist Spray Adhesive

• A non-wrinkling, water-resistant and repositionable adhesive.

• Use for both temporary and permanent bonds.

• Bonds many materials easily.

• Adheres T-shirts and similar materials to the pallet without transferring to the fabric.


082 - Mist-Type Pallet Economy Adhesive

Improved pressure-sensitive formula offers more uses per application, less downtime.

• Repositionable yet strong.

• Holds tack for several screen passes.

• Bonds easily to a variety of materials without transferring to the fabric.


083 - Web-Type Pallet Adhesive

Specially formulated for the screen printing studio.

• Repositionable yet strong enough to hold sweatshirt material.

• Bonds easily to a variety of materials without transferring to the fabric.

• Does not allow shifting of the material during the screen printing process.


084 - Super Flash Pallet Adhesive

Pressure-sensitive formula specially designed for the screen printing shop.

• Textile screen printing pallet adhesive is ideal for flash curing.

• Perfect for applications and temperatures required to cure plastisol inks.

• Will not transfer to fabric or allow shifting of material.


208 - Toner Aide

Greatly improves toner generated image quality.

• Develops higher resolutions.

• Enhances detail clarity.

• Eliminates cost of film. Cost effective alternative to auxiliary processors.


211 - Adhesive Activator

For automotive applications, light assembly, and industrial quick repair.

• Works with most all cyanoacrylate adhesives to form a quick and permanent bond.

• The aerosol spray eliminates surges that cause overlaps and missed spots associated with pump spray products.

• Achieves consistent curing time after time.


805 - Clean Jet 100

• A non-flammable, easy to use, ultra-clean gas for precision cleaning.

• For use in home, business and institutional settings with electronic environments.

• Cleans small, delicate and tight hard to reach areas.

• Safe to use on all electronic energized equipment


830 - Spot Lifter

• Special formula for any screen printed fabric operation.

• Excellent for removing oil and grease stains on fabrics, clothing, hats, neckties.

• Guaranteed to leave neither stains nor rings.

• Ease of use, simple application help to meet shipment dates when faced with stains on finished garments.


957 - Instant Screen Opener

• Regular use helps to prevent clogging and work delays.

• Opens dried-up areas of screens.

• Compatible with all types of screen printing inks.

• Guaranteed to leave no film.


983 - Heavy Duty Multi-Surface Cleaner Wipes

• Gentle citrus-scented towels.

• Strong enough to cut through tar, grease, wax, ink, paint, lubricants and adhesives.

• Waterless cleaner fortified with an emollient and natural oils.

• The perfect product when you don't have access to soap and water.

• Quick and easy to use, just wipe and discard.


933 - Glass Cleaner Wipes

• Same great non-streaking, film-free formula as our aerosol glass cleaner.

• Does not contain any alcohol or ammonia, making it safe to use on most surfaces including tinted windows.

• Safe for plastics, acrylics and polycarbonates.

• Non-flammable, lint-free towels will not leave behind streaks or sticky film.

• Perfect for windows, mirrors, light fixtures, shower doors and glass.

• Quick and easy to use, just wipe and discard.

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