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Mark VI Multi-Rack

Intelligent design features For Drying Racks, in side-by-side comparison, Screen Printers find the Mark VI Multi-Rack to be the best choice.

• Heavy Duty Construction
• Versatile Design for Many Applications
• Oven Package Available
• Custom Sizes


Racker Drying Closet

For Faster Screen Processing
The Racker Drying Closet provides an efficient method for drying screens in a safe and effective environment.

• Protect Screens from Dust and light
• Filtered Fans
• Heats up to 105°F



The UPSable "Heavyweight The Tensor 18 Drying Rack is the choice for budget minded printers who demand the highest value and quality.

• Original TrayLock
• Rubber Spacers
• All-Steel Construction


Rollin' Screen Racker

For Improved Screen Handling
The Rollin' Screen Racker provides a safe place for drying and storing screens with the convenience of mobility.

• Safe Drying and Storage
• Efficient
• Adjustable Width
• Mobile
• UPS (RSR31)

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