Specialty Materials

Vinyl Cut Films
  We stock a wide range of colors and materials of plotter cut films. These materials are used for heat applying numbering, lettering, graphics, designs and images to garments to most textiles.  

Thermoflex Plus

This is our most popular film because of its soft hand and solid opacity. The "Plus" is available in 47 colors and that includes neons and metallics



Thermoflex Xtra

This material was created for Nylon and other heat sensitive fabrics.



We stock the White Subliblock to help against bleeding when applying to 100% polyester.


Deco Sparkle

These holographic films create stunning reflective effects and are available in 8 different colors.


Deco Film

These metallic films give your silver and gold a brilliant look. The Super Copper is their newest color.



We stock the Safety Silver for great visibility. The Safety Silver produces a maximum reflectivity of 675 cd/lux/meter.


Wild Fashion Prints

These are available in Camouflage, Cobra-Skin, Leopard-Skin, Zebra, Giraffe, Graffiti, Faded Denim, New Denim, Red Denim, Beige Denim, Carbonium Silver, Carbonium Gold, Carbonium Red and Techno.


Crazy Crystals

These are thick translucent flexible materials that imitate the appearance of an encapsulated gel or liquid and appears to glow when light illuminates them. This is available in translucent colors: Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, and Clear.

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