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EasiStrip One Step Ink Cleaner & Emulsion Remover is a ready to use liquid cleaner which provides a revolutionary, streamlined approach to cleaning and reclaiming textile printing screens. When used as directed, this unique, inexpensive product dissolves plastisol and water base ink, water soluble screen blockout, direct emulsion and capillary film as well as tape adhesive residue. With EasiStrip One Step Cleaner, textile screens can be cleaned for pennies by combining many of the cleaning processes into one. EasiStrip is a low odor, non-flammable (NO flashpoint), biodegradable, non-hazardous product which will provide the benefits of less labor, less expense and improved efficiency to the screen cleaning and reclaiming operation.

EasiSolv 701 Screen Wash is an environmentally approved 100% active, low odor, extremely quick penetrating and fast acting solvent designed to dissolve and clean virtually all types of screen printable inks, adhesives, clear coatings and stains from printing mesh. Conventional/solvent, UV electronic, water base and textile inks are quickly dissolved with EasiSolv 701 without the hazards and odors usually associated with aggressive solvents and caustic stain/haze removers. EasiSolv 701 works quickly and causes no damage to screen mesh.

Plastisolv 842 Screen and Press Wash is an environmentally approved, 100% active, virtually odor free textile ink remover which can be effectively used at the press and in the reclaim area. Plastisolv 842 cuts ink fast and quickly dries for on press color changes, screen opening or saved screens.

EasiSolv 5 Stencil Remover is a liquid, concentrated solution, with additives designed to aggressively dissolve direct, direct/indirect emulsions, as well as capillary films, providing easy washout with water from all types of screen mesh.


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