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This is designed to turn your washout booth into an ink removal station. With its 15 gallon recirculation capacity, it can be easily plumbed to any of our washout sinks. The Supertrap is designed to trap and filter the ink sludge and recirculate the cleaning solvent. This will allow the Screenwash to be reused many times saving you money.



• 15 gallon capacity

• Chemical pump

• Hose and spray nozzle

• AirLectric foot switch

• Chemically-resistant hoses and fittings

• For use with biodegradable solvents only

• Measures: 18"W x 22"L x 17"H


Model DS

This unit combines the sink and the recirculation system in one!! The DS utlizes a 33-gallon, dual tank design that isolates and traps the ink sludge and separates it from the cleaning solvent, which is then filtered back through the system and re-applied to the next screen using the included spray nozzle. Since it is self contained it does not require any additional plumbing and can be placed wherever you want.


• Chemical pump and plumbing

• Chemically resistant hose

• AirLectric foot switch

• Spray Nozzle

• For use with biodegradable solvents only

• Measures: 36"W x 24"L x 74"H


Model D2

Combine the functionality of the DS model with a modular, UPS-shippable package and you have the D2, a two piece solvent recirculation system designed specifically as an ink removal station. The D2 has a 20 gallon dual tank that works just like the DS.

• Measures: 36"W x 24"L x 69"H  
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