Artwork Filing Racks          


The Jalema Uni-racks and duo-profiles (t-bars)provide safe,flexible storage in various size combinations. Job-files, repro-files (except for the largest size of both) and the Design-file can be suspended together in the sam rack. Files of smaller size are suspended i the upper section and larger files in the lower section. Expansion is simple through the addition of extension units attached to either end. Uni-racks are supplied as complete kits with simple easy to follow instructions: one enclosed tool does the job. Jalema offers two types of Uni-racks: One rack of 15 3/4" depth which is suited for files up to and including 18 7/8" x 22 1/2" and one rack of 21 5/7" depth for files up to and including 25 1/4" x 31 1/2".


Wall-Filing Racks

For smaller applications or near the work space: a number of files are at your immediate disposal. The Wall-filing racks are supplied in two lengths: 31 1/2" or 63" long. The 31 1/2" wall rack will hold up to 125 (1/4" thick) jobs, while the 63" wall rack will hold up to 250 (1/4" thick)jobs. *Custom lengths are available.


Wall Unit Rack

To hang files while jobs are in progress. Will hold 20 active jobs.


Table Arm Rack

Attaches to a table for hanging files while jobs are in progress.

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