Codetabs, Numbers

Filing means not only storing materials, but also being able to find them again, and, most importantly, with a minimum of time and effort. A good coding system enables you to file optimally. Jalema has developed such a system; it's called Codetabs. Codetabs are laminated, self-adhesive colored tabs that are available either blank or with numbers, letters, years. All files (with the exception of the 32" x 42" capacity format) come with a coding strip on the side of the file, consisting of six sections of 1 inch each and one section of 3/4 inch. The Codetabs are adhered to these sections, thus creating an efficient coding system. You can code your files using a variety of methods, such as consecutive numbering, alphabetically or based on order or job numbers. If a file has been hung in the wrong place, it stands out immediately because the colors on the Codetabs do not match. This efficient color coding filing system saves you 40% of the time, valuable time, you would normally spend looking for files. See below for the exact product and color numbers of the different Codetabs.

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