HOSS High Output Super Shuttle      


HIX introduces the HOSS, a revolutionary new High Output Super Shuttle heat transfer machine. On a 6 second transfer time, it can produce up to 600 finished shirts per hour* with two people operating. The HOSS is fully automatic, all the operator(s) need to do is load the shirt/transfer on the pallet to the right, it cycles automatically. Then load a shirt/transfer on the left pallet, it cycles automatically and the right pallet returns. Peel the transfer. Repeat the process again. Now you can get the kind of production that will make you some real money!


• Two 16"x20" upper heat platens and
four 16"x20" silicone rubber covered lower platens.
• Adjustable dwell timer to control transfer pressing time.
• Separate digital temperature controls with readout for each heat platen.
• Independently adjustable air pressure controls for each station.
• Platens automatically index at your set cycle time and automatically cycle back after the transfering cycle is complete
• Air operated lower platens move automatically at the end of the pressing cycle
• Two adjustable transfer holding shelves
• One person or two person operation
• Adjustable work height
• Emergency stop switches
• Cycle start and stop switches
• Plug in electric and quick connect air fitting

• Machine: 60"Lx60"Wx50"H, 605 lbs.
Crated: 74"Lx68"Wx55"H, 1025 lbs.
• 220-240 VAC, 30 amps, 1-phase, 50/60 Hz or
380 VAC, 10 amps, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz
• Air requirements: 100 PSI, 4 CFM, 7-8 BAR, 113 L/Min

6 sec. machine cycle + 6 sec. transfer time = 12 sec. total time per transfer. 12 sec. per transfer = 5 transfers per min. x two heat heads = 10 transfers per min. = 600 transfers per hr.

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