Accessories for Heat Tranfer Machines        

Digital Timer

• Can be used with any HIX heat press that does not already incorporate a timer into the machine.
• Start / stop button.
• Minutes / seconds buttons.
• Goes up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds.
• On the back is a clip, hanging hole, and a magnet.
• Comes with one "AAA" battery.


Shuttle Attachment (heat press not included)

• Attachment to use with the HIX air-automatic N-840, N-640, or C-800 heat transfer machines
• Significantly increases the production output by providing two work stations
• Allows operator to layout the next product while one is still transferring
• Heavy duty shuttle blanket is constructed of Teflon® coated fiberglass
• Easily mounts into existing holes already drilled into the machine
• Teflon® coated pad protector required
• 25"x56" work surface
• Shipping dimensions: 65"x28"x6", 32 lbs.


Pad Protectors

• Protects rubber pad from wear and stains
• Increases the lifetime of the rubber pad
• Allows smooth movement for positioning product and transfer
• Provides a non-sticking, easily cleaned work surface
• 15"x15" & 16"x20" Pad Protectors
• 15"x15" & 16"x20" Deluxe
Teflon® coated Pad Protectors


Teflon® coated
Transfer Sheets

• Eliminates scorching on products
• Keeps transfers from sticking
• Minimizes ink and dust from transfers and garments
• Allows user to gang multiple transfers
• Prevents dyes in colored garments from staining the heat platen
• Sizes: 15"x15" and 16"x20"


Teflon® coated
Cap Transfer Blanket

• Attachment for the B-250 cap transfer machine
• Keeps transfers from sticking
• Helps hold transfers, letters, or numbers onto caps before transfering
• Eliminates scorching on products
• Prevents dyes in colored hats from staining the heat platen


Cap Plattens

• For use with the B-250 cap transfer machine
• Using the proper size platen will prevent caps from being stretched or wrinkled on platens that are the wrong size
• Youth size: 2-3/4"x5-1/4" (7x13 cm)
• Golf size: 3"x5-1/2" (7.5x14 cm)
• Ball size: 3-3/4"x5-7/8" (10x15 cm)
• All HIX cap presses come standard with a golf size platen


Water Separation Trap

• For use with the N-840 or N-640 air-automatic heat transfer machines
• Filters the air and keeps water from entering the machine
• Helps prolong the life of the machine


Pantyhose Insert

• Spreads pantyhose out flat for optimal transfering
• Keeps wrinkles from occuring
• Constructed of durable Teflon® for years of use


Silicone Mug Wrap

• For use with the CW-550 mug press
• Wrap around the mug and transfer for the highest quality images
• Allows for easy and inexpensive replacement if residue from mugs or papers build up
• 1/16" thick, 4"x12" Wrap


Teflon® coated
Mug Wrap

• For use with the CW-550 mug press
• Must be used with the silicone mug wrap above
• Offers extra protection for the silicone mug wrap
• Prevents the possibility of transfers from sticking to the silicone mug wrap
• 5 mil, 4"x12"


Flat Attachment
For FH-3000 Press

3-3/4"x6-1/4" Area


Cube Attachment
For FH-3000 Press

3-1/2"x3-1/2" Max. Area

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