Camie 375 Screen Printers' Flash Cure Spray Adhesive

• Holds most textile products including fleece garments.

A clear, mist spray particularly suited for the rapid heat cycles encountered in the "Flash" process.


Camie 380 Screen Printers' Adhesive

• Specifically designed for the textile screen printer to offer a true pressure sensitive adhesive that does not stain yet offers a quick tack.

• Remains pressure-sensitive for extended periods of time.


Camie 385 Webbing Screen Printers' Adhesive

• Clear, pressure-sensitive webbing adhesive.

• Won't wrinkle the work while is use.

• Specifically designed for fleece and other high density garments.


Camie 480 Screen Opener

• Instantaneously cleans plugged screens.

• Works fast.

• Effectively reduces downtime.

• Speeds production.

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